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Why Choose Quadrant One Group?


  • Our Consultants have extensive experience working in and with leading service and manufacturing companies.  Collectively they have partnered with over 40 major corporations in the past 20 years and completed over 400 Six Sigma, DOE and LEAN projects.
  • We are a professional services firm that focuses on Six Sigma for service and manufacturing, Design of Experiments, LEAN, Project Management, and Information Technology Solutions.  We have enabled our clients to consistently achieve double-digit improvements in their key business metrics (link to Case studies here).  We work with the key decision makers for each client company to ensure that the Six Sigma, DOE and LEAN projects selected will return the highest Return On Investment (ROI).We help each client establish priorities in those areas where change will produce the greatest return.  Our clients typically experience a 4-6 X return on their investments.
  • Our Information Technology Solutions practice area has advised numerous clients on matters of IT strategy, applications integration, pre-merger due diligence, post-merger integration planning and execution, out sourcing planning and execution, and off shore outsourcing planning and execution.  In addition to these areas we have at our disposal software developers who can customize your individual applications ranging from billing systems, Customer Relationship Management systems, Inventory systems and customer service applications. 
  • We are incredibly fast.  For Six Sigma projects we typically help clients achieve significant improvements in key business metrics in just 3 to 4 months.  Our clients tell us that they are amazed at the power of this approach to fundamentally change their business in such a short timeframe.  This realization often leads clients to launch company-wide transformation initiatives so that they can attack numerous business process issues.  We have all the tools and material necessary to help you launch a transformation initiative at your company too.


Our Consultants

  • Quadrant One Group was founded by a group of former business leaders and advisors who have been in key real-world roles such as CEO, President, COO, CFO and CIO.  These former executives, Six Sigma and DOE practitioners have worked with companies such as Boeing, BellSouth, PacBell, Ameritech, CITI, Wachovia, GTE, Shop at Home Network, !st Trust Bank, Bush Beans, NuVox Communications, A. C. Nielsen, Progressive Insurance, Jackson Regional Hospital, TRW and many others.
  • Our consultants not only have the ability to help you discover what needs to be done but they also have experience in implementing the changes necessary to dramatically improve your business.  As a group they are experienced, practical and focused on delivering results.
 We stake our reputation on helping your company realize dramatic and rapid improvement in your key business metrics.  We work with you so that there is a knowledge transfer and we provide you with the necessary tools to sustain the improvements over time.

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