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Details :

  1. What:  BAPCO wanted to increase revenue generated by its sales associates.  Sales associates called businesses (outbound cold calls) to generate advertising dollars for the publishing company.

    Key measures:  Net Revenue/day per associate, Customer Satisfaction.

  2. Who:  Sales Associates
  3. Where:  Georgia
  4. How Long: 5 months (includes 4 weeks of testing) 
  5. How:  Six Sigma Approach
  6. Why: A 10% increase in revenue would equal $5 million annual revenue

Collect Ideas
Ideas were collected from all sales associates concerning “What  could we do differently to increase the sales of our advertising?” 

Ideas Tested/Time Frame
The ideas were reduced to 11 testable ideas.  All 11 were tested at the same time for a period of 6 weeks.  Only 2 were significantly helpful to increase sales, 2 hurt sales, 7 made no difference.

Some of the ideas tested
Telling the customer what our research says causes one customer to choose one business over another, what makes the best media mix for the customer, show the competitors advertising to the customer








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