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  1. What:  Shop at Home wanted to improve the “conversion ratio” of their telephone sales agents when customers called to order during a television show.

    Key measures: Conversion Ratio per Employee, Dollars per Order, Items per Order, Employee Average Handle Time and Turnover.

  2. Who:  Sales Call Center
  3. Where: Tennessee
  4. How Long: 3 months (includes 3 weeks of testing)
  5. How:  Six Sigma Approach
  6. Why:  An increase of 5% equated to $13 million in gross revenue

Collect Ideas:  Ideas were collected from the front line (over 800 were collected) over three shifts.  Including in the brainstorm sessions were buyers, producers, show hosts, call center agents, fraud, accounting, human resources, shipping/handling.  The top call center agents with the most sales were specifically asked for their ideas to ensure their sales techniques were part of the test.

Ideas Tested/Time Frame:  The ideas were reduced to 27 testable ideas.  All 27 were tested at the same time for a period of three weeks.  There were 7 significantly helpful ideas, 5 significant hurts and 15 that made no significant difference.

Some of the ideas tested:  team contest for the associates, comparing sales with the IVR (interactive voice response system) to going directly to a live person, receiving a dollar amount of on-screen credit for ordering today, credit card is the only way to reserve an item.

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