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Inbound calls to Interactive Voice Response (IVR)-Hispanic

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  1. What:  Increase productive calls routed through the IVR (customers “get where they want to go quickly”)

    Key measures: Percent choosing automated response system, Percent productive calls, Percent of customers transferred to another person, Average talk time and Customer Satisfaction.  A special customer satisfaction study was conducted to determine cause and effect on customer satisfaction.

  2. Who:  Hispanic Sales Call Center
  3. Where:  Florida
  4. How Long: 3 months (includes 3 weeks testing)
  5. How:  Six Sigma Approach
  6. Why: Overtime savings

Collect Ideas:  Ideas were collected from the Hispanic-speaking front line (over 60 were collected)

Ideas Tested/Time Frame:  The ideas were reduced to 11 testable ideas.  All 11 were tested at the same time for a period of twelve weeks.  There were 4 significantly helpful ideas, no significant hurts and 7 that made no significant difference.

Some of the ideas tested:  Para reportar un problema de reparacion, oprima….,para hacer cambios a una orden pendiente…., par informacion sobre su cuenta…

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