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Technician Dispatch Reduction Initiative (DRI)

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  1. What:  Bellsouth wanted to decrease the percent of dispatches where rework was occurring.

    Key measures: Percent dispatches reoccurring in 8 days, average work time of the technician, dispatch efficiency (could we finish today and not have to return tomorrow?)

  2. Who:  Technicians
  3. Where:  Florida
  4. How long:  3 months (includes 6 weeks of testing)
  5. How:   Six Sigma approach
  6. Why:  A decrease of 10% revisits = $11 million annual

Collect Ideas: Ideas were collected from the front line (40+) concerning “What could we do to decrease the rework?  What could we do differently to increase dispatch efficiency?” 

Ideas Tested/Time Frame: The ideas were reduced to 19 testable ideas.  All 19 were tested at the same time for a period of 6 weeks.  Only 4 were significantly helpful to revisits and dispatch efficiency, 2 hurt revisits, 13 made no difference.

The original measurement measured revisits within 30 days.  We asked when MOST of the revisits occurred and found that 65% of them occurred within 8 days of the original dispatch.  With the implementation of these results, the measurement system was changed companywide to an 8 day measure.  The technicians were pleased with this measurement change because they had always felt they had no control over what might happen within 30 days.

Some of the ideas tested:  Talk to the customer before starting any job, educate the customer on the use of the equipment, follow a systematic approach to the job with a checklist, expedite backordered equipment, test using digital equipment.


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